Work With Us

S.A.C. Investments is a fee only fiduciary.  As your fiduciary we are obligated by law to manage your money only considering your best interest.  Clients pay fees for asset allocation, investment selection, & ongoing portfolio management.

We like to take a deeper dive than just “what’s your risk tolerance?  We will get to that.  You’ll hear questions like what do you want to do when you retire or how do you spend your time now that you’re retired.  What’s important to you about the money you are considering investing with S.A.C. Investments?  Do you need to maximize your income or are you looking to pass on the money to a person, charity, or something else?

Retirement isn’t moving to Florida & buying white shoes.  Retirement is doing what you want because you can afford it.  We will find out how much do you need?  You want to make sure your investments & Social Security provide enough money to enjoy retirement.  In your career you received a paycheck.  Retirement is replacing your paycheck.

Once we know the answers to these questions, then we assess the amount of risk your portfolio can handle while still sleeping at night.  We use software that was developed by a Nobel Prize winner.  You will be presented with a “Retirement Map” which shows a realistic outcome for your portfolio so you can have the confidence to enjoy your retirement.